• Our Principles

    Why Us

    • Best-In-class Products and Brands
    • We represent world renowned companies
    • On-time Sale Delivery & Reliable After Sales Service
    • Support and Repairs in India
    • We have a Good team work

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    Our Service Arm

    We at TRIBOTECH have enriched in past 25 years to cater to the growing demand for quality and reliable technical support in repair and services we have launched our services company TECHSERVICES around 5 years back. TECH SERVICES is now full-fledged authorized center for repair and calibration facilities catering to India and neighboring countries customer. We provide on-site field services for laser alignment, vibration analysis, commercial vehicle wheel alignment and thermography


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    Our Clients

    堆龙德庆县| 阿城市| 赤水市| 沛县| 汉川市| 栾城县| 永昌县| 安宁市| 长春市| 清涧县| 吴堡县| 乌什县| 淳化县| 呈贡县| 运城市| 平度市| 富川| 富蕴县| 榆树市| 乌恰县| 新绛县| 特克斯县| 临洮县| 天等县| 尚义县| 湟中县| 山丹县| 龙山县| 务川| 阿城市| 宁阳县| 桂林市| 鄱阳县| 信宜市| 阿图什市| 富蕴县| 保定市| 台州市| 枣庄市| 南靖县| 银川市| 威宁| 福海县| 边坝县| 黄大仙区| 深圳市| 西乡县| 平舆县| 辉县市| 阜康市| 永新县| 北宁市| 三亚市| 姚安县| 崇信县| 上虞市| 迁安市| 来凤县| 菏泽市| 南华县|